Company Holidays

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Company Holidays:

Labour's day




New Year


Thiruvalluvar Day


Uzhavar Tirunal


Republic Day


Tamil New Year


Labour's Day


Independence Day


Gandhi Jayanthi


Ayudha Pooja




Documents about Technology

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This menu contains documents and tips about technologies.

free training

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The Initiative is to bring up financially poor background students getting access to latest and advanced Technologies training with free of cost. Marching towards our first anniversary and as a part of social responsibility, IgniteMindZ launches free training program for poor students. A small process has to be made by the applying students in order to get fees exempted. The process is added in order to avoid fault applications.

Note: Please do not apply with fault application or avoid malpractice. The huge money spent on developing financially poor students has to reach them. kindly request all of you to support us in making the privileges reach the poor and needy students.



1. The applicant has to be a student of any School, College or University registered under Indian law.

2. The registration form has to be downloaded here, filled and signed with seal from Corresponding college Department HOD or school Head master.

The reason for this process is to avoid fault registration in the program. This will easily enable us to identify faulty applicants because Head master or HOD will very well know about the student history.

3. Cross checking will be done based on the details furnised in the form with the corresponding HOD or Head master.

This process is involved in order to make double confirmation that the previlages reach the financially poor students.


Target: 50 students by the end of 2013



Job Vacancies

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