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Following are some of the feed backs of our workshop sessions,






Feed Back


Ariel Cendana

iPASS Technologies(USA)

Ruby Cucumber Calabash Training

Here are some highlights from the training:


- Scheduling training sessions is flexible and willing to work with you on setting up the training schedule

- students work with the instructor directly. In my case it was a 1-1 session which really was helpful.

- Sessions are very practical, which students gets direct hands on.

- instructor is very clear on presenting the material

- Instructor is very helpful on troubleshooting and going over any issues during the sessions.

Enhancements and Recommendations

- For someone that has no programming experience, the first half of the training was very understandable and at a pace that is easily

understood. However, it seemed soon as the second half started (Regular Expressions), the lessons kicked into gear at a faster pace and the complexity started to kick in. I think if it can be slown down and easier examples for a BEGINNERS level can understand.

- Installation and Setup for Ruby, Cucumber, Calabash - Documentation was provided. However, if we can get a step by step procedure on installing the software. The documentation provided does not go by step by step. If a doc can be provided for future references, this would be very helpful.

- Daily or Weekly Quizes - This would be very helpful for both students and instructors. Students can always use this time to refresh the coarse material. Teachers can use the outcome and get a feel on what sections students are struggling with and get a sense on how each student is grasping the coarse material.

- Projects - As NON Programmer, if there could be a project provided either end of week or so often, would be helpful for users to see how much they have learned. I think this would be very beneficial, as students (non programmer) may not have direction on how to start a  project. Following a project could possibly help the students learn how to create projects and what they can do.


Lots of information is provided to the student. Depending on the student, extra work and research will need to be done outside of training. Although this class will not immediately get you to be a complete automation engineer, the class has helped provide a foundation and familiarity around Ruby, Cucumber and Calabash.

Since training, I am familiar with the material and confident that I can at least begin utilizing the information in my everyday work.



Sri (USA)


Ruby Calabash Mobile Automation Testing Training

Overall I was satisifed with the training and did help me understand  the basics and start on the automation.



Zone24x7 (Pvt) Ltd

Ruby  Cucumber Capybara Web Automation Testing Training

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The explanations and examples were excellent.

The instructor peppered his presentation with humor and made a difficult subject very interesting and understandable.this course very helped me to achive my real project succesfully. thank you IgniteMindz !.




Gemini Communication Ltd

Advanced Linux Shell Scripting Training

Everything simple and example  good easily understand 




Ankit Sohni

Saggezza Technologies

Python Programming Training

It was very practical oriented trainning and very helpful for the beginners



Rohan Lahiri

OSI Consulting

Advanced Linux Shell Scripting Training

Worth attending. All issues would be addressed and you would get your basic understanding right which would help you to write and understand scripts





Scope International

Advanced Linux Shell Scripting Training






HCL Technologies

Perl Programming

very good session with good exampes




Arun K

Arizona state university ( US )

Perl Programming

good experience





Scope International

Advanced Linux Shell Scripting

good workshop to go on.





(VMKV Engg College/CSE)

Android Application Development

Yes this workshop was very useful for every Android  developer ,We got an full 100% Real time exposure in this session. Instructor have taught as with full knowledge covers with java android application. Thanks to give us such a  good real time session.






Perl Programming

Its Good





(Indian Air Force)

JBoss Administration

Good real time experience.





(Scope International)

Advanced Linux Shell Scripting

I am very much satisfied for the course fee paid to learn this course,actually overwhelmed.The session was informative which made even the complex concepts to learn in simpler manner



Selva ( Cognizant Technology Solutions )

Advanced Linux Shell Scripting

Session is very understanding and useful.



Anantha Selvi.N

(Tagore Engg College, Chennai)

Basic Programming in Ruby on Rails

The session was quite interesting, very useful. Gave us a lot of exposure about Ruby.



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