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Web Automation Testing Services

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Web Automation Testing Services


Ignite Mindz provides Web Automation testing services. We design, develop and implement web automation testing for your web applications. Ignite Mindz has experienced and qualified resource pool of Engineers for Automtion Testing. Our Engineers has huge expertise on Automation testing layer.Some of our resource has more than 10 years of experience in this domain. 


All aspects of testing will be covered and we will automate 80 to 90% of you web application testing.


Below mentioned are the details about our Web Automation Testing Services,

Technology Details:






Selinium Webdriver




Web Services



Why BDD?

BDD is one of the latest and very successfull methodologies used in mordern automation testing. 


Why Ruby?

Easy to maintain.

Very less development time.

Portable across number of platforms(Windows, Linux, MAC).

More stable.

How we operate?

The application will be analysised and clear report of automation will be specified to the client with dates.

We write the feature file for the application which doesnot have or we take feature files from the Business.

Based on the feature file the automation testing scripts will be developed for cross browser support(IE, Safari, Chrome and Firefox).

Periodic update to client on daily basis or weekly basis(based on clients need).










Skilled Man Resources:

All are resources are highly experienced in this domain of automation testing. We have expertise and experience to automate testing of applciations using BDD, Ruby, Cucumber, watir, capybara, Rspec.


Contact Details:


For any clarifications, Please contact:

Mr. Madeeswer Gandhi.V

US: +1(937)557-1919

IN: +91 8122331111

E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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